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Welcome to RR&C Pro, your trusted platform for connecting with homeowners and property managers in your market. Whether you’re a roofing contractor, construction professional, or home service provider, Roof Roof & Construction LLC Pro is here to help you grow your business and reach new clients.

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Why Join RR&C Pro?

Expand Your Reach

Joining RR&C Pro allows you to expand your reach and connect with homeowners and property managers actively seeking your services. Our platform provides visibility and exposure to a targeted audience in the Hampton Roads area, helping you attract more clients and grow your business.

Build Your Reputation

Showcase your expertise and build your reputation as a trusted service provider in the home improvement industry. With RR&C Pro, you can highlight your skills, certifications, and customer reviews to demonstrate your professionalism and reliability to potential clients.

Get Verified Leads

Receive high-quality, verified leads directly from homeowners and property managers in need of your services. Our lead generation system matches you with relevant project opportunities based on your expertise and service offerings, helping you connect with clients who are ready to hire.

Ideal Leads for Services in Your Area

Repairs | Replacements | Installations

  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Gutters
  • Construction
  • Decks & Porches
  • Solar
  • Windows
  • Painting
  • Masonry
  • Fences
  • Flooring
  • Bathrooms & Kitchens
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Cabinets
  • Tree Services
  • Pest Control
  • Security
  • Home & Office Cleaning

How RR&C Pro Works

1. Create Your Profile

Sign up for RR&C Pro and create a comprehensive profile that highlights your services, qualifications, and experience. Upload photos of your work, showcase customer testimonials, and provide details about your business to attract potential clients.

2. Receive Leads

Once your profile is complete, we’ll create a sales page on your current website and insert a code snippet that will immediately start capturing and converting site visits from homeowners and property managers in your area. Those leads are exclusively yours, maximizing your chances of winning new business.

3. Connect with Leads

Engage with clients directly through our platform to discuss project details, provide estimates, and schedule appointments. Our secure messaging system enables seamless communication, allowing you to build rapport and establish trust with potential clients throughout the hiring process.

Why Join At All?

Listing Benefits

As a small business owner, you recognize the invaluable need to be available online as much as possible to increase your brand’s visibility.

  • They boost your brand visbility.
  • An affordable way to increase brand exposure.
  • Being only on Yelp and Google is the bare minimum.
  • Increases your business rankings on search results like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Provide additional credibility and trust. Google ABSOLUTELY pays attention to this.
  • Increase traffic driven to your website.
  • They help businesses reach focused local site visitors who are already looking for a business like you, near them.

Smaller businesses should also be able to compete in a free market.

Advertising Channels Cost
RR&C Pro Plan Our RR&C Pro $97 per month package has extended features that essentially turn your listing details page into a microsite that provides all the information needed to find and contact you.

Even our free plan can help boost your local seo search results just for being listed with a link that redirects back to your website.
 Angi  $300 set up fee, up to $100 per lead, for $3,000 per month.
 Thumbtack Up to $50 per lead.
 Facebook ads $300 the first month just to get meaningful data to then scale your ad spend, and a 3-month minimum commitment before you see a return. We offer something similar, but we don't charge the additional $1000+ set up fee or $1500 per month, to do it.
 TV  $1000+ for a single, 30-second ad.
 Radio  $800 to $32,000 per month, depending on your local market.
 Postcards  $1,500 per mailing 1000 households.
 Google Ads  $10,000 per month is the average business ad spend.
 Yelp  $300 to $1000 per month.
View Full Features
  • Address & Map – show your audience where you’re based and give them directions to get to you.
  • Business Hours – edit your hours of operation as the seasons change.
  • Website Backlink – redirect users to your main website or if you don’t yet have one, send them to one of your social media accounts or a booking calendar link.
  • Gallery – showcase past projects you’re especially proud of and/or show your team of professionals your audience can expect.
  • Category Listing – show up where site visitors are searching. We’ll grow with you as your services expand.
  • Keyword Tags – use keywords that are important and highlight your brand’s unique value, i.e. bilingual, expertise, certifications, discounts, etc…
  • “Request Quote” Button – claim your business page once you confirm your email address and all leads from this button on your page, will go straight to your inbox for you to follow up and close the deal.
  • Dynamic Text Editor – Add more links and styling to your “About Us” section to drive more traffic to your website, special announcement, discounts, events, or time sensitive features vs static text under the free package.
  • Reviews Badge – copy/paste a small snippet to show off your review count and build your business credibility.
  • Contract Templates – Access our private templates library where you select by trade & download editable text files to copy > paste > replace and use for your own business.
  • Business Best Practices – a weekly newsletter where we’ll discuss bite-sized exercises of how to start and build a home services business…or, at the very least, give you the tools to audit your current brand and have your reflect of where you’re truly at in the game. Don’t let your ego skimp out on this featured member benefit.
  • On-Demand Industry Reports – the above feature is one thing; but to receive an industry report of a specific trade within 48 hours on the state of the market is, without a doubt, a $404 value…per report.
  • Interactive Reviews – thank positive reviewers for showering you for compliments or take the opportunity to respond to poor experiences and find out how you can make it better.
  • Lead Gen Calculators – embed roof cost calculators and other valuable inbound lead forms that can be published both on your business page and business website, including links on your social media bios. Those leads are exclusive to you alone.
  • Franchise Manager – add and manage multiple locations to show up in the areas where your team operates and increase your brand visibility.
  • Video – attract more site visitors with short YouTube videos where you showcase your past projects, testimonials of raving clients, and introduce your team to put faces to your brand. Humanize your page.
  • Social Media – add your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to build your following.
  • Remove “Recently Viewed” – make your page about you and minimize your visitors’ distractions to make your page, about you.
  • Remove Ad Zones – less is more, continue to clean up distractions.
  • Sponsored Partner – pick your ad spend, special offer, and we’ll create a landing page to promote your business on our social media channels, in your local market. *First come, first served per category and city within 50-mile radius.*
  • Support – our business depends on your success and we’ll dedicate more time to you as you dedicate more time in your investment to leverage the full menu of features.

Why You Should Join Now:

Our founders have finally combined their 17 years in the roofing industry with 15 years in the branding & marketing space to bring you Roof Roof & Construction LLC.

The main reason we joined forces is because we have a strong belief that the current options that home service providers have are bleak and predatory when they don’t have a sharp tech & future focused team on their side; whereas the established platform overlords answer to board rooms and artificial market inflation that dilute over-priced leads quality.

And you, as an early adopter will get rewarded when we lock you in your monthly package price point for as long as you’re a paid subscriber and get the added benefits as we add features, without the added costs.


Road Map for Future Features

  • CRM
  • Invoicing
  • Tailored Marketing Resources
  • AI Lead Nurture Chatbots
  • Customer-driven Social Recommendations
  • Custom Work Apparel Services at Discount

What happens if I reach out and you can’t take me on as a client?

This will happen at some point in our journey. We can only offer our personalized services to one trade, per 50-mile radius…so what happens if we can’t take on your campaign because we’re already working with another client?


We recommend you to our competitors.

Our business isn’t built in scarcity. After all, we all have a family and/or friends we want to care for.

And even our competition are comrades in the same industry and we’re a company founded on abundancy. For us and our clients to win, others don’t have to lose and the market will ALWAYS have room for genuine problem solvers.

That’s the worst that could happen if we can’t work together. We happily recommend you to our friends who also work towards what we do.

14-Day Free Trial

Try one of our pro plans for 14 days. If you're not 100% satisfied, simply cancel within 14 days of signing up and you will be downgraded to the free package, where you get to keep ownership claim over your business page.

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