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Let us help you reach more homeowners & property managers in your area to book you more appointments and closed contracts through our SEO optimized online presence and marketing campaigns.

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“Why should I give a damn about RR&C as a design & marketing services provider?”

For you to be viewing this web page from a Google search or someone told you about, one of two things are true as a property services provider:

  1. You work in and around the Hampton Roads area in the state of Virginia, or;
  2. You work anywhere in the United States or Canada and you came across this website through our content on home improvement and services.

What this means is simple: you now know, that we know how to generate traffic of high-interest website visitors around the topic of property services such as roofing and general contracting.

The bigger question now, is, do you want them?

Also, we’re…


We only work with small businesses ($500K to $20M in annual revenue is our sweet spot) that provide property services for homeowners and property managers in the residential and commercial spaces.


Simplicity is our secret sauce. This is a straight-forward business that doesn’t need complicated sales funnels or deceptive psychological gimmicks to provide an honest day’s work.


We know what we’re fckn amazing at, as well on things we haven’t quite mastered…yet. And you’ll be involved in those conversations to help you make the most informed decision for your business.

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